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If you’re looking to level up your social media game, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re letting you in on some of the apps we recommend to start-ups that aren’t quite ready to hand over the reins to their Social Media Marketing. Here is a list of helpful tools that will keep your feed looking fresh and your stories tight. One of our biggest pieces of advice has always been consistency. If you’re consistent in your style, tone and posting… you’re on the right tracks.

1. Planoly

Planoly is a good place to start. Drop all of your content into Planoly to create a neat looking feed. The app and desktop version allows you to schedule content days, weeks or even months in advance so you don’t find yourself stressing about what to post every day – after all, planning with a strategy is key. It also lets you automatically post stories and first comments. And on top of all that you can click and drag Instagram posts around to see what the feed will look like before being posted.  Planoly

2. Unfold

Create a synchronised, succinct story with Unfold. Keep your stories fluid with a combined feel. With over 150 story templates to use, there are endless possibilities. If you have been seeing some pretty cool stories pop up on your Instagram, it is a fair chance that they are using Unfold. There is also the ability to preview your Stories ahead of time to ensure they’re on brand.


3. Google Keep

Reminders and notes have never been simpler. ‘Keep‘ is an app created by Google that we use to remind of us of all the important things going on or cool things we’ve seen on the go. Create voice memos, change the colours of your notes and create checklists. Share them real-time with team members to keep everyone and everything on task. You can even have Keep across all your devices which means all of your information and notes will be stored on each device. How handy is that?

google keep

4. Google Drive

Google drive is a definite must for any business (in our opinion). It is linked to your google account and allows you to hold up to 15gb (free of charge) of extra storage for your important documents and files. You can also organise them into folders and share them with clients or colleagues. And as an added bonus you can view files with up to 90+ different file types. We use this app on the go, in the office and for just about everything!

Google drive

5. Colourtone

Colourtone allows you to put modern and retro filters on your photos and videos. We like Colourtone for small businesses because there are lots of great free options. There is also the ability to save your own presets so that all of your content has the same feel and is instantly recognisably your brand. Colourtone also has an added gallery so you can see all the creations you have made over time and admire all the work you have done.


6. Canva

Canva for most start-ups and small businesses is a must, but did you know they have a great app too? If you’re not quite Photoshop ready there are all the easy to use tools on Canva to take your graphics to the next level. From business cards, event invites to your social media banners, Canva has you covered – with some stylish templates to get your creativity flowing! Once you’ve got the hang of it, we definitely recommend updating to Premium!


7. Tezza

If lifestyle photography is at the core of your gram, then you may want to take a look at Tezza App. For all your IG-worthy, aesthetically pleasing filters and editing styles. Tezza App is named after Tezza, a top Instagram influencer who’s content style has undoubtedly shaped the Instagram movement. You will also be able to read up on some blogs on the app for how-to tutorials and added information for you to be the best photographer you can be.


8. Life Lapse

If you ever wondered how to create those cool stop-motion without a studio, tripod and expert video skills? Well, here you have it! Life Lapse makes creating stop motion videos a doddle. Life Lapse also has a ‘ghosted’ image feature that allows you to line up images from the previous stop motion so everything is spot on. And the best thing about this app is that you don’t need any video-making skills to use this app at all. Life Lapse does all the hard work for you just so you can have epic content.Life lapse