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LinkedIn is underrated and here’s why

LinkedIn may just be one of the most underrated social media platforms. The potential this powerhouse platform has for gaining exposure, reaching your target audience and generating interactions is limitless, and the benefit? Most of us are only scraping the surface when it comes to maximising LinkedIn’s capabilities. However, it takes more than simply sharing content to gain these business enhancing benefits.


LinkedIn has a lot of new features since it first launched

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was merely an online platform for your digital CV or a virtual rolodex. Now, there are lots of opportunities to be made on LinkedIn if only you knew how to unlock those features… free, of course.

Yes, LinkedIn is a career driven social network, used by professionals and job seekers alike but the online platform can be incredibly advantageous for businesses. By building professional and useful connections and sparking industry discussions, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefits of online networking for your business.

Sharing content with like-minded individuals in a strictly professional space is exclusive to LinkedIn, although Facebook did try (and failed). With new platforms and updates like Tik-Tok and Reels, it can be difficult at first to understand which social media channel to focus on.


Personal Branding

Whilst LinkedIn provides an array of networking opportunities and B2B marketing, it also allows users to establish a personal brand. You’re your business’ biggest advocate – which is why we recommend levelling up your personal page too. What do you want people to know about you? Demonstrate excellence by showcasing what you and your business stand for, its values and ethos. Build up a professional portfolio by sharing recent work, behind the scenes snippets, new product releases, awards and up to date information from your business page but shared with your personal connections. This allows those who are interested (like current clients, prospective clients and industry peers) to engage with your brand.


Positioning Power

As business owners, establishing credibility is important. In order to develop client relationships, positioning yourself amongst the most influential within your industry is nothing but beneficial. Through LinkedIn, making connections with top industry leaders and engaging in networking groups has never been easier. With the ‘Recommendations’ feature, allow others to articulate the results your business has delivered through testimonials and case studies. Associating yourself and your business with a high level of expertise places you within groups of like-minded individuals, enabling you to gain a level of credibility within your industry no other social media platform truly offers. 


Competitor Analysis

At Bark Loud, the first thing we do is suss out the competition on each social platform, we want to know who is operating in your space – who’s succeeding and who’s not. What works, what doesn’t and how we can do it better. The same applies to your marketing strategy, so why stop there? LinkedIn can be a useful tool to monitor what your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are, whether it’s their CSR commitments, new client wins or a re-brand.


Building up connections

LinkedIn is now often referred to as an online business card. Exchanging paper cards is a thing of the past as professional interactions nowadays often result in shared LinkedIn profiles. Building first degree connections with your preferred type of client has never been easier, allowing you to secure communications with others as soon as you meet. InMail gives you the opportunity to spark up conversation with useful connections. Building up a solid social network through these connections will only allow your business to benefit further.


Target the right customers

The targeting on LinkedIn offers something different to the domain of digital advertising. Filter your target audiences by job title, seniority, company size, industry and interests as well as selecting specific geographic locations. It’s important that you first assess who your key target customers are first, for example, for clients Barfoot & Thompson we can target property developers for development listings within a certain industry and geographical location to maximise enquiries. It’s this understanding of your ideal customer profile whilst focussing on serving their needs and wants with information about your business that is key to success. 


Maintaining your presence

While setting up a LinkedIn page for your business may be a crucial aspect of your social strategy, maintaining your existing page is just as important. Ensure anyone coming to visit your page is fed up to date and relevant information. Keep your current connections engaged by sharing regular updates, thought provoking articles and relevant industry news.

Not sure where to start? We’re experts in LinkedIn advertising, brand management and set-up. Talk to us about how you can utilise LinkedIn for your business.